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Compensations and Benefits

When it comes to tackling income inequality by addressing catastrophic climate change issues, there truly is no other company structured quite like RECNI. Those interested in part-time or full-time employment opportunities with us can expect a true living wage pay of $15-$22/hour. We also offer health benefits programs for all employees. (Once were fully funded)

How Cooperatives Differ from Traditional Companies?

  • Above-Average Earning Power (Once were fully funded)
  • Employee Ownership and Voting Power
  • Voting Power on Company Directives 

How to Get Involved 

Join our paid Skype training, with an instant PayPal payroll set up for you. You may also take part in our 90-Minute Weekend Program. Contact us to learn more. (Once were fully funded)

Training Programs

Transitional Training Programs

This program is created to aid current oil/gas/automotive employees to learn a green trade skill sets. We also aim to create future alliances between green and oil industries in the future. (Once were fully funded)

Massive Training Programs

This program, on the other hand, focuses on employing millions of struggling unemployed or low paid American workers and help them gain green trade skill sets. We are also planning to form a collaboration between government and green companies in the future. 

(Once were fully funded)


Green Revolution Figures

The Green New Deal – Jill2016

“The Green New Deal will convert the decaying fossil fuel economy into a new, green economy that is environmentally sustainable, economically secure and socially just. The Green New Deal will guarantee full employment and generate up to 20 million new, living-wage jobs, as well as make the government the employer of last resort with a much-needed major public jobs program.” Read more. 

Green Revolution

With Lisa Van Pay, PhD (Scientist)

“Coming up with better ways to get where we need to go and power the lives we live requires the development of new technologies, along with research to help us minimize the impact of these technologies on our environment. The overall goal of this series is to encourage people to ask questions and look beyond fossil fuels for innovative solutions to our ever-growing energy needs. Interest in science and technology provides the necessary foundation for our future in a world powered by clean energy.

The series also provides insight into what careers in science, engineering, and other topics related to clean 

energy technologies are really like.”

Episode 1. Electric Vehicles

Episode 2. Green Roofs

Episode 3. Discover

Episode 4. City Car

Episode 5. Hydrogen

Episode 6. Smart Grid

Episode 7. Microbes

Episode 8. Biomass

Episode 9. Solar

Episode 10. Wind




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