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RECNI needs your help to get off the ground running at full speed towards sustainable energies policies here and abroad while paying millions of people a true living wage in the green industry. You can send your CONTRIBUTIONS through our Future 2020 Kickstarter & Future  GoFundMe Startup Campaign.

Contributions Tier Structure

  • Tier 1 (1st 45 Days of Funding)
  • Tier 2 (45 to 90 Days of Funding)
  • Tier 3 (90 to 120 Days of Ongoing Funding)

Crucial funding drives are greatly appreciated! Contact us to request our Official Excel formatted Tier 1 Funding Drive spreadsheet.

Sponsorship Packages

Contributors could choose to simply Contribute as little as $5 to $10 or instead receive a RECNI branded gift when you Contribute to our company’s cause. Sponsorship packages below range from $14 to our $93 max sponsorship package. You can pick a package based on the items that you want. Please include your mailing info/contact information when ordering your Sponsorship package. Your Contribution amount on our future Kickstarter or future Go Fund Campaign will reflect which sponsorship items we will ship to you. (Please indicate desired sizes for any clothing items)

Currently available items listed below(Offered once we're fully funded)

  • RECNI Spinners /    RECNI Pens
  • RECNI Shirts in both Men or Women 

RECNI Baseball Cap


RECNI Polo Shirts & Jackets

  • RECNI Backpacks / RECNI Gym-Travel Bag
  • These Items Coming Soon...

    RECNI 16 oz Tumbler

    RECNI 11 OZ Ceramic Mug

    RECNI 15 oz Hot/Cold Tumbler

    RECNI Enyo Bluetooth Headphone


  • Prices shown below include All Taxes + Shipping / Handling
  • All Shipments are sent out every Tuesday and Friday at Noon (PST)


Package 1


Gyro Spinner

Package 2


Fruit of the Loom® Ink Printed SofSpun Jersey V-Neck T-Shirt

Package 3

(Coming Soon)


Enyo Bluetooth Headphone

Package 4

(Coming Soon)


Hot & Cold Clarity Drop Tumbler 15oz 

Package 5

(Coming Soon)


Phantom 16-Ounce Tumbler

Package 6

(Coming Soon)


Double Dipper 11-Ounce Ceramic Mug With Stainless Base

Package 7


Port Authority® Crossover Raglan Polo 

Package 8


Port Authority® Ladies Trace Heather Polo 

Package 9


1 Free Pen per Donation of $10 or More

Cougar Glamour Pen-Stylus

Package 10


Augusta Sportswear Coach's Jacket  

Package 11


Elevate Okapi Women's Knit Jacket   

Package 12


Valucap Bio-Washed Visor

Package 13


Sportsman Twill Cap with Velcro® Closure

Package 14

(Coming Soon)


elleven™ Traverse Tumbler 16oz

Package 15


The Bing Screen Cleaner With Pen-Stylus

(Keeps Tablets / Mobile P. Screens Clean)

Package 16


Port Authority® Ladies Trace Heather Polo  

Package 17


Hive Compu-Backpack Bag

Package 18


Triton Weekender 24-Inch Carry-All Bag


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(Note: Items Subject to Change based on VistaPrint's Stock Availablity)

Coming Soon




Phone: ( 725 ) 296 - 2132


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